Command and Staff Program

By Readiness Network, Inc.

Commander Frederick Gimbel, Flagler County Sheriff, FL ~ ~ 386-627-4931

Frederick J. Gimbel II began his career in law enforcement in 2009 with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. Throughout his service he has held numerous positions within the agency, such as: Field Training Officer, SWAT Team Operator, SWAT Team Sniper, Sniper Team Leader, Recruitment Team, K-9 Handler, and K-9 Unit Supervisor. Frederick J. Gimbel II has progressed through the ranks of Deputy, Corporal, Sergeant, Commander of Special Operations, Chief Executive Officer of the Community Policing Division, and currently holds the rank of Commander of Professional Development and Accreditation for the Organizational Services Division within the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. Frederick J. Gimbel II holds a A.S. with honors in both Criminal Justice and Homeland Security and a B.S. with honors in Homeland Security / Public Safety from Vincennes University.

Commander Bernie Woodward, Flagler County Sheriff, FL ~ ~ 386-262-5956

Bernie Woodward began his law enforcement career in January of 2002 with the Bunnell Police Department. In January of 2004 he was hired with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Officer as a Deputy Sheriff. In the fall of 2007, Bernie Woodward was promoted to Detective within the Narcotics unit, a position he held until the summer of 2014 when he was the promoted to the rank of Corporal and returned to the patrol division as a supervisor.

In 2017, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and reassigned to the Special Investigations Unit, formally known as the Narcotics Enforcement Team. In January of 2021, Bernie Woodward was promoted to the rank of Commander and has worked as Watch Commander and District Commander. In August of 2023, he will transition to Executive Officer in our Community Policing Division. During his Law Enforcement career, Bernie Woodward has held numerous additional collateral duties such as: Task Force Agent (FDLE), SWAT Team, Clandestine Lab Team, Field Training Officer, and CVSA Operator. Bernie Woodward currently holds an A.S. degree from Vincennes University.

Commander Joseph Barile, Flagler County Sheriff, FL ~ ~ 386-569-9866

Joseph ”Joe” Barile began his Law Enforcement career in January of 2007 with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office at the age of 19. He moved to Flagler County in 1995 and wished to serve the community that he grew up in. Joe wished to gain as much experience in different areas of the Sheriff’s Office prior to being in a leadership role.
Joe began his career on road patrol and remained there until October of 2013, when he was assigned to the Sheriff’s Office Safe Neighborhood Unit (Street Crimes Unit). In December of 2014, he was promoted to Detective and assigned to the Narcotics Unit within the Investigative Services Division. From January 2016 to July 2021, he served as a union representative with the Police Benevolent Association for the bargaining unit members of the Sheriff’s Office. In September of 2016, he transferred within the Investigative Services Division to the Property Crimes Section. In May of 2017, he was promoted to Corporal and transferred to the Community Policing Division (Road Patrol). During his time as Corporal, he also ran the Sheriff’s Office bicycle patrol team. In December of 2018, he was promoted to Sergeant within the Community Policing Division. In January of 2020, he was selected to be Sergeant of the Problem Area Crime Enforcement Team (Street Crimes Unit). In July of 2021 he was promoted to Commander over the Homeland Security Section, to which he remains currently assigned.
He oversees the Real Time Crime Center, the Problem Area Crime Enforcement Team, the Criminal Intelligence Unit, the Digital Forensics Unit, and the Crisis Negotiations team. He is the agency administrator for Axon body and fleet cameras, license plate readers, and the Fusus platform.
Joe received his B.S. in Homeland Security from Vincennes University in December of 2017. He has attended numerous leadership classes, including the FBI Florida Executive Development Seminar, FBI LEEDA Trilogy Award, Flagler County Leadership Academy, Middle Management, and Line Supervision.
Joe is very passionate about ensuring the personnel within his unit enjoy coming to work, having all of the tools and resources that they need for their assignments, and maintaining a positive attitude and culture.

Commander Kenny Goncalves, Flagler County Sheriffk FL ~ ~ 386-503-7190

I started my Law Enforcement career in May 8th, 2006 at the age of thirty one after moving to Florida from New Jersey. I served as a patrol deputy and an evidence technician from 2006 to 2010. In 2010 I transferred to the traffic division where I served as a motor patrol deputy and became a certified Traffic Homicide Investigator. My promotion to Corporal occurred in 2006 and I was transferred back to the Community Policing Division (road patrol). I have served in the Community Policing Division since then as a Corporal, Sergeant and now a district Commander where I am responsible for all law enforcement operations within the city of Palm Coast. I am a graduate of the Flagler County Leadership Academy, FDLE Florida Leadership Academy and a trilogy graduate of the FBI-LEEDA Institute.
My wife Cindy and I have been married for twenty three years and are proud parents of two young women, Sky who is 25 years old and Destiny is 22 years old. We also recently adopted our two nieces who live with us full time. My hobbies are riding my motorcycles and I also play a range of different musical instruments.

Captain Daniel Rogers, New Castle County PD, DE ~ ~ (302) 690-2094

Captain Rogers is U.S. Army Veteran, and he has over 22 years of law enforcement experience. Captain Rogers began his law enforcement career in 2000 with the Wilmington (DE) Police Department. Captain Rogers has been employed with his current department, the New Castle County Police Department since 2006. Captain Rogers holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Both degrees were earned from Wilmington University. Captain Rogers is married to his wife Aubrey and has two children, Emma, and Angelo. Captain Rogers began his career as a patrol officer and eventually transferred into the Criminal Investigations Unit where he served as both a property crime detective and a major crimes and homicide detective. Captain Rogers was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2013 and was transferred to the back to the patrol division as a Patrol Supervisor. In 2014 he was transferred back to the Criminal Investigations Unit where he served as supervisor of the Special Investigations Squad. In 2015, Captain Rogers was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. While holding the rank of Lieutenant, he held three different commands: Street Crimes, Criminal Investigations and Patrol. In 2021, he was promoted to the rank Captain and was then transferred to the Administrative Services Division (Human Resources and Training) as the Section Commander. Captain Rogers has recently assumed Command of the Patrol Section of the Police Department. Captain Rogers is a certified police instructor, and he has advanced training and expertise in police use of force and a passion for criminal investigations.